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Yoga means to come together, to unite, to bring our attention completely to the activity in which we are engaged, to be one with the divine. This can be done utilizing tools and techniques which help develop one’s ability to master body, speech and mind so individual consciousness is unified with universal consciousness. Yoga brings one to the Truth that liberates. There are many paths one can explore to do this work.

Isa Love

Hatha Yoga

This yoga focuses on developing flexibility, strength, and balance as well as synchronizing posture, breath and concentration.  It begins the process of generating internal heat which transmutes tensions and is eventually stored as vital energy for the expansion of awareness.  It includes styles like Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram, Anusara, etc.

Kundalini Yoga

Brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan, this yoga emphasizes the combination of movement, mental focus and dynamic breathing to detoxify and strengthen the nervous system, to activate the will, and to connect oneself to a cosmic flow of energy.  It is part of the Hatha Yoga family but works from the inside out, where most Hatha styles work from the outside in.

Taoist Yoga

This is an internal martial arts system which activates the electromagnetic field and transmutes negative energies that potentially deter development.  One learns to still the mind and to meditate in all activities through physical movements that open the subtle channels of the body, vital breaths and sounds that heal the major organ groups, and meditations for turning on one’s light body which is not bound by form.

Tibetan Yoga

This system perfectly coordinates breath and dynamic movement to direct energy into the central channel, stabilizing meditation as one’s natural state.  It systematically transforms karma (dualistic experience) into primordial wisdom (pure awareness) through clearing the channels and chakras, developing breath retention, and generating the inner heat necessary to ignite one’s inner sun.

Shamanic Tantra of the Bön

Known as the indigenous spiritual tradition of Tibet, its yoga system combines breath work, precise dynamic movements and meditative contemplation along with the elements and energies of nature to become more subtle in awareness and tuned in to the many other realms of existence.   It creates a foundation on which to stabilize one’s consciousness in its naturally clear and enlightened state.


‘Tan’ (breadth) and ‘tra’ (width) helps us to understand that this tradition really teaches us how to digest life as a whole experience, without preference or aversion so that by the process of alchemy, we manufacture energy out of whatever comes to us.


This esoteric way reveals the Great Path of Love, which is the mastery and integration of the outer and inner life as the perfect expression of the One Being.   One of the dynamic practices is the Hadrat which combines Zikr (voice and instrument), yoga postures and movements, spinning and healing work all in one ecstatic celebration.


Gyrotonic involves the use of special exercise equipment that includes both weights and pulleys to encourage the development of strong muscles, increasing flexibility as well as improving coordination.  Training is also good for improving joint mobility, relieving pain, and strengthening the nervous system.  It provides mental and physical stimulation that helps to slow the aging process.  For Gyrotonic training, a person lies or sits on equipment specially designed around the human body.  The exercises are rhythmical and the body is supported the entire time they are performed.  Unlike other exercises where muscle groups are isolated, here the body move cohesively and synchronistically to promote natural and healthy movement, a well proportioned build, and vital, radiant energy.

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Comment by daeman
  • Hello Again! I was reading your post on morning yoga practice (while listening to Total M Live at Art Bar – yessss) and i was wondering if you might know of a good morning practice that i can find online. . .like youtube or summin. . .do you have any of your sessions available for download? Hmmmm. You, my friend, are a solutions provider. How should I do this? I’m set up with everything I need at home but I find getting to the studio to practice in the morning just doesn’t suit me. However, the thought of approaching my day and work with a sense of balance and focus would be invaluable to me and to those I serve. Any guidance you can give me will be very appreciated. PS – The gyrotonic machine looks FUN!

    07/12/2010 @ 11:33
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