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May 26th, 2012

Karma-Free Workshop / May 26, 2012 – Sun & Moon Yoga Studio, Meguro

Unraveling The Conditioned Self: How To Live Karma-Free

A Workshop with Miles Maeda at Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
Saturday May 26th, 5:00-7:30 pm

Let’s ask ourselves this one question, “Do I make choices in my life based on my fears and worries, or do I make choices out of love and inspiration?” This is one of the most important and powerful ways to see our conditioned self. And if we want to unravel the complex mental and emotional web inside of us in order to make healthy and supportive changes in our lives, we must see clearly if our foundation is one of love or fear.

So what does it mean to be karma-free? What is karma and why would we want to be free of it? Karma is the law of cause and effect, the wheel of existence, good and bad, life and death. Some say it is the cycle of suffering which is never-ending until we become aware enough to see that we are in it. Life provides many opportunities to grow and evolve out of our conditioned self. When we learn these lessons and stop making new karma, we free ourselves from this cyclical existence. We free ourselves of problems, our suffering.

In this workshop we will look at a very simple teaching showing us that karma is finite, and the simple tool to completing it is an open state and the attitude of ‘yes’. We will learn practical exercises (pranayama and meditation) to prepare the mind and body, developing awareness of our inner condition, feeling the confidence that we can make choices based on love. When we begin this journey, we will see for ourselves the beauty, the magic, the adventure that is life and how it radiates from the magnificent light of our true nature.

To Register, please visit our website: and go to Workshops page, then send contact form with name of workshop, date, and your full name and phone number to register.

Japanese translation provided by Sawano Takano.


サンアンドムーン ヨガ 目黒





お申し込みは、ウェブサイト のワークショップページより、ワークショップの名称、日付とお名前(フルネーム)、お電話番号をメールにてお送り下さい。



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May 20th, 2012

Managing Emotions Workshop / May 20, 2012 – Yoga Tribe, Urayasu

[ワークショップ] 感情を管理するためのヨガ
[Workshop] Managing Emotions With Yoga

日時:2012年5月20日(日)14:00-17:00 (受付開始13:30~)
場所:ヨガスタジオ「Yoga Tribe(ヨガトライブ)
住所:千葉県浦安市北栄1-16-5-312 (東西線浦安駅徒歩1分)
1. お名前
2. お電話番号
3. e-mailアドレス

Date:Sun 20th May 2012
Venue:「Yoga Tribe」1-16-5-312 Kitasakae Urayasu, Chiba (1 min from Tokyo Metro Tozai-Line Urayasu station)
Max No of People: 16(Advance booking only)
How to Apply:Please send e-mail to – including your name・TEL・e-mail・WS title.



Japanese translation provided by Sawano Takano.



May 19th, 2012

Taoist Yoga In The Park

Park yoga season has come again!
Don’t miss our first Tao Yoga class in the park 2012 😀
It’s a great way to start the weekend…!


When: Saturday May 19
Where: Shinjuku Gyoen
Suggested donation: 1,000yen

9:00 meet at Shinjuku gate
9:15 start walking to practice area (near Tulip Tree)
9:30 class starts (about 60 min)
10:30 class ends

料金:ドネーション(目安 1,000円)
9:00 新宿御苑 新宿門に集合
9:15 会場へ移動
9:30 クラス開始(約60分)
10:30 クラス終了

canceled if it rains
Class will be taught in English (Japanese translation is available if needed).
Beginners welcome!

Bring:sunscreen, water, small towel
*200yen for park entrance
*you don’t need to bring your yoga mat
Reservation: not needed
Contact & Inquiries : Sawa

問い合わせ: Sawa

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May 13th, 2012

Nagoya Workshop / May 13, 2012 – Minnano Yoga Studio

Japanese translation provided by Sawano Takano.


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