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October 16th, 2010

Modern Yoga Movement Workshop


Saturday October 16


bringing new dimension to your yoga practice
Under The Light Yoga School, Yoyogi

Some people approach yoga as a well-balanced and holistic way to exercise, be healthy, and find peace of mind. Others may relate to it as a spiritual path, a lifestyle that brings us to the goal of experiencing our naturally enlightened state. Regardless of the reason or the belief, working with the body, the breath and the energy that animates all life gives great benefit to each of us and the way we function in the world. The more expanded the facilities of our bodies and mind, the greater the results in our health, wealth, creativity, relationships and well-being.

The contemporary form of yoga which we find in most studios today borrows from a variety of traditions including Indian wrestling and British gymnastics. And its continued evolution has accelerated tremendously as we understand the human body through other systems like massage/body work, physical therapy, high-performance training, martial arts and dance. Some very important modern influence come from people who through rehabilitating injuries have designed systems that take movement methodology one step further (like Pilates and GYROKINESIS). And much like the master teachers who have developed the yoga systems of today, we can evolve our practice and make it more personal by integrating this valuable knowledge and experience we are constantly discovering about the human body.

In this workshop we will explore some of the techniques as they have been developed in the GYROKINESIS system as taught by creator Juliu Horvath. We will learn three key elements to dynamic movement, practice asana for healthy joints and spine, as well as learn how to integrate these modern techniques in our yoga practice. This approach can greatly expand the scope of our practice, help us find our greatest movement potential, and breathe creativity and new life into all areas of our lives. It is a perfect workshop for beginning yoga students and can open new doors for those with well developed movement capacities and experience.

モダン ヨガ ムーブメント




October 9th, 2010

The Tao Of Yoga Workshop @ UTL

Saturday October 9


the internal practice of yoga and stilling the mind
@ Under The Light Yoga School, Yoyogi

Life is an undivided river.  Yet we experience the various currents pulling us this way and that, which can make us feel disconnected from ourselves and our environment.  We see ourselves and life as separate, and become stuck in habitual patterns trying to ease our pain and suffering.  Spiritual work can help us to get unstuck, to unify our inner and outer worlds and guide us along the river of life.  And when we bring this work into our everyday lives, the whole of existence becomes our temple and simple daily activity becomes our sacred work.

Spiritual work comes in many forms.  Some are attracted to the physical experience of yoga asana, where others are drawn to the subtle practices of meditation.  In this workshop we will discover the path of “both/and” where we find the benefits of cultivating stillness in the mind through physical movement.  Like the river that flows around the rock, this “both/and” way is a support to experiencing “effortless action” in life, building strength and determination yet at the same time leading into deeper states of surrender.  Eventually, with these two elements together, we understand that we don’t practice yoga, we live it.  Life flows spontaneously and naturally.

In this workshop we will work with asanas that are designed to expand our body’s capacity to store energy (chi/prana), bringing the quality of space and emptiness to our actions.  We will do healing breaths to restore vital energy for health and longevity in our body and mind.  And we will practice meditations to experience more subtle states of “Being” and to expand awareness.  These tools can be integrated with any spiritual practice one may already have, and is perfect for beginners as well as for those wanting to bring a beginner’s mind to their practice.

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