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October 4th, 2017

Modern Hatha Yoga 30-Hr Teacher Training @ UTL Yoyogi, Tokyo

30-Hour Teacher Training – Modern Hatha Yoga

Modern Hatha Yoga Training brings together techniques from various yogic/movement traditions to help students explore new and dynamic approaches to yoga asana, deepen one’s awareness and connection to the body and breath, and experience a sense of joy and freedom in one’s practice and in life. This course introduces a variety of techniques from the Gyrokinesis and Pilates systems as well as Kundalini, Taoist and Tibetan Yogas to integrate into a Hatha Yoga asana practice. These tools help to increase strength, stability and coordination in one’s body; allow ease of movement and tension release through breath and energy work; and provide tools to bring more creativity to one’s personal practice and in teaching classes.

This 5-day training will cover:
accessing core muscle groups for strength and stability in asanas
applying spinal movements for healthy posture and back
breathwork to awaken our core energies and clear obstacles
integration through both beginning and intermediate/advanced yoga sequences
hands-on adjustments and prop usage
constructing and teaching original sequences

Practices include:
Awakening the Senses
Taoist, Kundalini, & Tibetan Pranayama
Gyrokinesis principles & applications
Basic spinal anatomy & movements
Pilates principles & applications
Core muscle anatomy & basic Pilates mat sequence
Level I and Level II/III vinyasa set
Yoga sequencing

The first half of the course will be centered around applying the various movement/yogic techniques in a Level I vinyasa set. The second half will progress into a Level II/III intermediate/advanced asana set. Both help the student to integrate and embody the various elements both in one’s personal practice and in teaching classes.

This training is a continuing education course for yoga teachers and experienced students alike. Those wishing to receive supplementary practice and technique are invited to take the 12-hour workshop series for arm balancing & jumping transitions. The 4-day series is designed to support this 30-hr Teacher Training.



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