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September 23rd, 2017

Arm Balancing & Jumping Transitions Workshop @ UTL Yoyogi, Tokyo

12-Hour Workshop Series – Arm Balancing & Jumping Transitions

This 4-day series is a cumulative yoga program for providing a knowledgable foundation, practical techniques, and a focused course of study for two of the more challenging yoga asana techniques—arm balancing and jumping in vinyasa. We will discover how the practice of one supports the other, and how practicing intelligently and safely one can experience a flow and overall harmony in these physically demanding movements. There’s no promise that one will become proficient with these techniques right away! So the elements of the series combine to create a comprehensive practice for one to integrate the course materials. And with steady, diligent practice one can experience the results of beautifully controlled arm balancing and gracefully effortless jumping transitions.

This 4-day series will cover:

  • developing strength and coordination for arm balancing/hand stands
  • anatomy of core muscles, pelvic & shoulder girdles
  • breathwork for awakening the bandhas
  • Pilates and Gyrokinesis exercises for stability and control
  • applying arm balancing in jumping back/jumping through
  • all four training days combine to create a supportive yoga program you can practice at home

Practices include:
Exercises to activate the core muscles
Pilates & Gyrokinesis applications
Wrist & shoulder opening
Exercises for strength & stability in handstands
Lolasana, chatturanga & jumping back safely
Arm Balancing & Jumping Transitions yoga set

The first two days introduce practices to support arm strength and core muscle stability, including application of Pilates and Gyrokinesis techniques, which prepare one for hand standing. The last two days will integrate that strength and stability to experience the lightness and control necessary for jumping back and jumping through in vinyasa. These workshops are designed to be experienced as a whole but may be taken individually.

This yoga workshop series is for all levels of students. Those wishing further instruction are invited to take the 30-hour Modern Hatha Yoga course. The 5-day teacher training is a continuing education course for both yoga teachers and experienced students alike.


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