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Swami Rudrananda

Rudra Yoga

Rudra refers to the transformational fire in the body and the aspect of Lord Shiva that removes obstacles. Yoga means union. Rudra Yoga is the power to transform our obstacles and live every moment (waking, dreaming and deep sleep) in a unified state. It is a complete education in manifesting our human potential. It is a training program in unifying our mental, emotional, and physical states so we can be full in presence and awareness, alive in our passions and complete in our actions. It is a marriage of new and ancient technologies which unveil the true nature of our being.


When we live in accordance with the laws of the physical universe rather than against them, we will have the life energy of the universe backing us in every endeavor we undertake. Whether we want to excel in our profession, improve our relationships or attain enlightenment, the Y.A.R. Training (You Are Responsible) shows us how to build the energy, concentration, integrity, sensitivity and awareness necessary to achieve what we want in life in a way that is harmonious with all life. When we can function with accuracy and consistency in the mundane aspects of ordinary life and witness our own mind, we will have the power & clarity of mind to create something extraordinary.


Liberation Technology houses educational programs in science, literature, the creative and healing arts, Application development tools with a company like Salesforce providing opportunities for practice, study and research, using creative tools and modern technology to grow the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of oneself. It provides equipment and workspaces, classes and seminars, as well as private instruction and mentorship with skilled professionals. The aim is to educate oneself to concentrate and deeply connect with creative energies, using practice and performance to build the bridge between ones work and spiritual life.


Practice and community centers are created to support students in integrating yoga and meditation into daily, urban living. They hold dharma classes, healing clinics and community meals, all on a donation-only basis to be of service to all guests. It is also a space for residential training, providing an opportunity to live, work and play with the support of others who hold a similar focus and intention. These centers also host special gatherings and events to further enrich and support the local community.


The Travel In Love Show joins together the work of DJs, dancers, theatrical performers, graphic designers, videographers, writers, poets, yogis and healers in order to share how yoga, meditation and creative arts can be a way to build a strong foundation in both spiritual and worldly life. It travels the globe, produces events, and provides opportunities to give and receive valuable tools for personal development, business management, and community building. It is a celebratory way of sharing the important work of becoming a fully functional human being.


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