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October 8th, 2011

Managing Emotions With Yoga

photo by Junko Nishizawa

Oct 8, 2011 9:00-11:00


 Under The Light Yoga School 5F


Managing Emotions With Yoga

When we get emotional, having self-control and maintaining our awareness can seem difficult if not impossible. But in actuality emotional states are very easy to identify and understand. An essential tool in managing our emotions with yoga is learning about the Five Poisons, the basic categories of negative emotions. Then we can actually change the way we feel by utilizing yoga asana and pranayama remedies to bring about the positive counterparts. Finally we can experience the lightness and clarity that follows which opens the door to our natural state of being – the state of yoga.

When we allow ourselves to be in a truly natural state, without effort we experience love, compassion, equanimity and joy. We deeply connect to our soul, rejoice in the happiness of others, feel inner and outer balance, and our spirit is uplifted and inspired. When we come up against obstacles and challenges, it can stimulate the patterns of our poisonous emotions. We can feel animosity towards others, become attached to things for our happiness, get stuck in habits that don’t help us to grow, or become indifferent or lazy about our growth and purpose in life.

In this workshop we will learn about the five poisonous emotions, how to use yoga asana and pranayama to remedy the negative experience, and cultivate the naturally positive qualities in our being. We will also learn a mantra that purifies negative thoughts and emotions and allows us to be in a clear and balanced state. No matter where we are now in our practice, we can all learn how to stop when we get emotional, check in with ourselves, and work as skillfully as possible to get the results we desire. Liberate your emotions and live a life full of joy and inspiration!


ヨガを感情の管理に用いるために必要なのは、「五つの毒」と呼ばれる否定的な感情の基本的なカテゴリーについて学ぶことです。これを知ることで、私たちはヨガのアーサナとプラナヤマを用い、相対するポジティブな要素を引き出し、物事の感じ方を変えてゆくことができるのです。そして最終的には、陽気で明瞭な気分を味わうことができるようになり、これこそ私たちが自然な状態 – ヨガの境地 – へ到達するための扉を開いてくれるものなのです。




download ダウンロード Sensing Exercise

download ダウンロード Five Poisons Teaching

download ダウンロード Matri Mantra


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October 1st, 2011

Numerology & Yoga Workshop – Shakti Yoga Studio, Ibaraki

Thank you to Tomoko and Norika for organizing this workshop and for a wonderful time in Ibaraki.  The studio is so lovely, with wood furniture and decor all the way from Bali.  Some of the students didn’t make the photo, but we had about 19 people total in the workshop.  I look forward to being back!




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