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March 29th, 2011

Shiva Arati

Shiva Arati

Om jaya Gangaadhara Hara Shiva jaya Girijaadhisha
Shiva jaya Gaurii-naatha;
Tvam maam paalaya nityam
Tvam maam paalaya Shambho,
Krpayaa Jagadiisha.
Om Hara Hara Hara Mahaadev.

Glory to Hara, Bearer of the Ganges.
Glory to Shiva, Lord of Girija and Gauri.
By your grace, Lord of the World, protect me forever.

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download the full pdf text here



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March 15th, 2011

Meditation For Atomic Radiation



What It Will Do For You:

Radiation is already affecting people.  If in a situation of atomic radiation, it will not kill you if your gene aura is one inch thick.

If your inside is in turmoil, this meditation will prevent you from dying.  It can be done anytime, and its effect will be to calm you, to energize you, and to relax you.

How To Do It:

Sit straight.  Let your upper arms hug your sides.  Hold your lower arms up so the hands are as high as your neck, palms facing away from your body.  Hands are in gyan mudra (tip of thumb and forefinger touching).

Chant the following mantra three times on one deep breath:  PRAANAA APANAA  SHUSHUMNAA HAREE, HAREE HAR  HAREE HAR  HAREE HAR  HAREE
次のマントラを深い一息で三回唱えます。プラーナ アパーナ スシュムナ ハレー ハレー ハー ハレー ハー ハー ハレー ハー ハレー

PRANAA is life force corresponding to the electron, APANAA is eliminating force corresponding to the proton, and SHUSHUMNAA is the central force corresponding to the neutron.  The beauty of this mantra is in the touch of palate and tongue.

You can do this for as long as you want, singly or in a group.  If you’d like a little fun, do it for 62 minutes and measure yourself with an electrocardiograph (biofeedback).  It is very powerful.

from Survival Kit: Meditations & Exercises For Stress & Pressure Of The Times, by Yogi Bhajan
ヨギ・バジャン著 Survival Kit: Meditations & Exercises For Stress & Pressure
Of The Times, by Yogi Bhajan より

(Japanese translation by Tomoko Kawahara)

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March 13th, 2011

Meditation For After An Earthquake


What It Will Do For You:

The magnetic relationship of the two hemispheres of the brain is readjusted with this meditation.

How To Do It:

Sit with the spine straight (either on the floor or in a chair).  Cup your left hand and hold it over your left ear.  Hold the left arm up in front of you so that the upper arm is parallel to the ground.

Extend your right arm striaght out to your side.  Bend the elbow so that your fist is a few inches from the ear with hand in conch mudra (make a loose fist, thumb on top of the fingers, one side open like a conch shell – see picture).

Eyes are focused down the tip of the nose.  Strike the side of your head with your left hand in time with the mantra SAA TAA NAA MAA (each syllable sounds for about 1.5-2 seconds, 6-8 seconds for one complete cycle),  to the following melody:
目線は鼻先に置きます。サー ター ナー マーとマントラを唱える間、左手で側頭部を叩きます。(1音節ごとに1.5~2秒、全体で6~8秒の長さ)マントラは下図のメロディで唱えます。

Let the cupped hand strike around the ear (the skull, jaw and neck) more so than hitting the ear itself.  Keep elbows up, keep up the chant, keep the gaze down the nose.

Do the meditation for 11-31 minutes.


Thousands of years ago yogis observed that earthquakes impacted the human in more ways than just the physical or mental.  One’s psyche can feel displacement or disoriented.  After an earthquake the two hemispheres of the brain need to become aligned so that the magnetic field can become adjusted.  Practice this meditation to synchronize the magnetic relationship of the two hemispheres of the brain so that you can be truly present.

from Survival Kit: Meditations & Exercises For Stress & Pressure Of The Times, by Yogi Bhajan
ヨギ・バジャン著Survival Kit: Meditations & Exercises For Stress & Pressure Of The Timesより

(Translation by Sawano Takano)

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