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March 13th, 2019

Summer Retreat / July 13-15, 2019 @ Mt. Mitake, Tokyo

Summer Retreat with Miles Maeda
The Yin and Yang of Yoga – the way of strength, grace, and equanimity
マイルズ・マエダ サマーリトリート
ヨガの陰と陽 ― 強さ しなやかさ 静けさへの道

Saturday July 13 – Monday July 15, 2019
at Nobori Shukubo, Mitake, Tokyo
cost: ¥46,000
early registration: ¥39,000 by April 15, 2019
2019年7月13日(土)~15日(月祝)御岳山 宿坊「能保利」(東京・青梅)参加費:46,000円

registration – rudrayogajapan@gmail. com

※To register, please email that you plan to attend with your full name, email and phone number.

お申込み・お問合せはメールにて まで

Join us for our 8th annual Summer Retreat in beautiful Mitake Mountain. This year we explore the path of Yoga utilizing the tools and teachings of Taoism. By observing the qualities of yin and yang in our practice, we can discover profound strength, grace, and equanimity in ourselves and in our lives.

Taoist practices are a kind of internal martial arts, perfectly balancing life’s polarities so we can experience the oneness of all things. The yang element strengthens our life-force so we can transmute negative energies that potentially deter our development. It expands our electromagnetic field, fortifying our subtle defense system to protect ourselves from harmful situations. The yin element awakens our sensitivity and receptivity to nature so we can flow gracefully with our surroundings. It opens our hearts and stills the mind so we can be meditative and equanimous in all activities.

This program unites the ancient wisdom of the Tao with the contemporary movements of yoga. The posture series brings awareness to and awakens the energy meridians and myofascial pathways running throughout the body. We restore the major organ groups and balance related emotions through healing breaths and sounds. The wisdom of the Heart Sutra guides us to discover our inherent Buddha nature which lies within. And we experience our power and vitality as energy in the navel cavity which radiates as light throughout the body, unbound by form.

Course content includes:
Modern Yoga Movement & Taoist Exercises
Balancing the Organs & Emotions
Discourses on The Heart Sutra
Yin Yoga & Sound Healing
Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation
Sufi Dancing

Cost includes course instruction, accommodation, and meals.
A few private rooms are available at nearby shukubo for an extra cost.


Come and experience the yin and yang of yoga, be in the healing energies of nature, enjoy community with friends old and new. This program is intended for all levels of students. No previous experience necessary.

registration –

※To register, please email that you plan to attend with your full name, email and phone number.

お申込み・お問合せはメールにて まで

January 7th, 2018

Path of Tantra / March 23-29, 2018 @ Liberty Advance, Boulevard CA

Rudra Yoga 4: The Path of Tantra
“Embracing Life & Increasing Concentration”

March 23-29, 2018
3-day weekend March 23-26, 2018
to register –

Our human life is precious, each and every moment is new and full of possibility. But we often perceive reality as solid and fixed, our mind is bound by old conditioning and beliefs. Thus we limit our potential, deny ourselves what we truly want, settle for commonly shared mediocrity. This relates to our work, our relationships, our entire lives. We fall into comfortable habits of avoiding what we fear and attaching ourselves to what pleases us. On the path of spiritual growth, this keeps us stuck; opportunities to experience our fullest human potential are left unrealized.

Tantra is an esoteric path of transformation. Through it we see reality as fluid, our minds and behavior flexible. Unlike other spiritual paths which are about denying negative influences, tantra says to embrace them, but with awareness, which loosens the constricting knots of tension in our bodies and mind. This is the secret of transformation, opening the pathways of our creative life-force energies to allow for their expression and manifestation. Tantra means ‘continuity’, so instead of having ‘either/or’ mind one has ‘both/and’ mind. It means experiencing all dimensions of life in complete fullness, freeing ourselves from our bondage and rigidity, remaining relaxed, open and flowing, residing naturally in the middle, in our center. We live in full acceptance instead of critical denial.

In this Rudra Yoga retreat we will be introduced to the teachings and practices of various traditions coming from Tibet, India and America to discover how to balance our spiritual life in a world full of distractions. This will encompass yoga for the body, working skillfully with others; meditation with Tibetan deities to transform our attachments; and teachings about life and love to see a bigger picture of how to truly fulfill our wants and needs. By bringing increased awareness to our thoughts and actions, we release fear and confusion and develop unconditional love and wisdom.

Retreat Content:
Hatha & Kundalini Yoga
Tantra Philosophy
Deity Practice, Mantra & Meditation
Partner Yoga & Venus Kriyas
Intentional Living & The Truth About Love
Hawaiian Energetics & Healing Clinic

Costs include course instruction, accommodations, vegetarian meals (w/ meat-option), and healing sessions.

Join us for this rich and unique yoga program. It is intended for all levels of students, beginning and experienced alike. Bring yourself, bring a friend. With full alertness and clear awareness we can truly live a life of fulfillment and wholeness. There is no duality, only totality.

to register –


December 4th, 2012

Food For Health & Healing / January 5, 2013 – UTL Yoga School, Yoyogi

Food for Health & Healing Workshop


「食べるものがその人をつくる」 これは本当です。私たちは食べるという行為を通して、未来の自分自身をつくっているのです。





1. 食べ物を通して心身の健康を得ることの目的について
2. 消化と排泄に関するヨガ的な10の考え方
3. アルカリ性で栄養価の高い食品によってエネルギーと体重を最適な状態にする方法
4. 1~3ヶ月のダイエットプログラムの具体的なプランとレシピ


Food for Health & Healing Workshop

You are what you eat. It’s true. Every time you eat, you create your future self. Our food provides the building blocks for our health, literally becoming the assemblage of components which make up the entire body from the brain to our bones. In time each cell of the body is rebuilt by the nutrients in what we eat and helps determine our body’s overall health and vitality, mood and demeanor, as well as mental attitude and experience of life.

Learning how to eat for our health is not often taught by our parents nor by our educational systems, and the old cultural and indigenous traditions that make sacred this knowledge have been sidelined by the convenience of technology and industry. That is to say, beyond what the media and social networks say, one must investigate what foods are good for your body, once that is done it is essential to take the best male enhancement pills to enrich this diet. Most information made readily available are from advertisements and media, government agencies and institutions, as well as large corporations. Food becomes fuel for the body, pleasure for our taste buds, and comfort for our emotions.

We will explore methods old and new for using specific foods for cleaning out toxins and waste, maintaining energy, cellular health and optimal weight, and discovering the benefits of nutrient rich food.

We will look at:

1. the objectives for a healthy body and mind through food
2. 10 yogic ideas about digestion and elimination
3. how to have optimal energy and weight through alkaline and nutrient
rich foods
4. a plan with recipes for a 1 to 3 month program

Our relationship to food is vital, and our lives depend on it!


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