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September 5th, 2010

Mini-Detox Weekend, Izu-Nagaoka

One of the more popular of our Rudra Yoga programs is the 5-Day Yoga Detox Intensive.  It’s a unique schedule of around-the-clock yoga, healing/creative work, hydrotherapy, cleansing diet, and study of the teachings.  To prepare for this intensive endeavor which will occur next Spring, we did a mini version at a ryokan in Izu-Nagaoka with my team of guinea pig yogis (enjoying healing time at the foot bath on top of Mt. Katsuragi).

This yoga intensive is unique because it focuses on cleaning and clearing the physical, emotional and mental material that we no longer need or unnecessarily hang on to in our lives.  We did this through a liquid diet of orange/apple/papaya juice (nourishing) and onion/garlic juice (detoxifying), hydrotherapy in hot and cold baths, healing with Reiki, plus a whole lotta Kundalini Yoga.  It was a great way to close the Summer months and enter into the beginnings of Fall with clear body, energy and mind.

Though the weekend version is much lighter, everyone felt the wonderfully enlightening effects of detoxing.  It was nice to have a weekend outside of Tokyo, and it was a fun and memorable way to be together with friends.  When the next 5-day Yoga Detox Program comes around, it’s something I recommend trying at least once.  You’ll never forget it!


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