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October 6th, 2014

Pranayama Workshop / October 11, 2014 – UTL Yoga School, Yoyogi

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Pranayama Workshop

Saturday October 11, 2014
at Under The Light Yoga School, Yoyogi

Pranayama is the fourth rung of the ladder that is AshtangaYoga. Prana is the life-force that animates all things in the universe, and ayama means to control. So the practice of pranayama means to gain mastery of accessing and utilizing the life-force that resides within as well as all around us in the atmosphere. Mastery of prana is essential for the creativity in our day to day lives, manifesting money and opportunities, maintaining positive emotional states, and healing for ourselves and others.

Prana relates to the air element, and this relates to our breathing in yoga. Once we establish the basic relationship of harmoniously moving and breathing in our asana practice, we can then focus more on the subtle elements of a pranayama practice. But we must learn proper breathing techniques in order to build and direct this energy throughout the subtle channels in the body. Because it is through generating, storing and elevating prana in the body that we achieve the ultimate goal of yoga―the state of samadhi.

In this workshop we will learn the basics of a pranayama practice and it’s three fundamental elements―prana, channels, and chakras. We will also be introduced to an ancient Tibetan healing practice to balance the five pranaswhich transform negative qualities into positive ones. This relates to the five elements (earth, space, air, fire, water) and five chakras, and is a valuable tool in developing a meditation practice. We will also see how pranayama then leads us to the next limb of yoga, pratyahara―withdrawing the senses.

Beginning and experienced students alike are welcome to join this workshop.





プラーナーヤーマは八支則の4つ目の段階とされています。Prana( プラーナ)は宇宙のあらゆるところに存在する命の力・生命エネルギーです。Ayama(アヤーマ)とはコントロールをするということを意味します。プラーナーヤーマの練習を通し、生命の力をより多く取り入れ活用しましょう。プラーナのコントロールを学ぶことによりポジティブな感情を維持し、自他を癒します。また日常生活でビジネスやその他様々なチャンスとなる場面で必要な創造力が養われるでしょう。








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