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January 29th, 2014

Consciousness in Waking & Dreaming / March 29, 2014 – Sun & Moon, Gotanda


Consciousness in Waking & Dreaming – an introduction to dream & sleep yoga
Saturday March 29th, 5:00-7:30pm

A workshop with Miles Maeda at Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, Gotanda
3,500 yen

The mind is the experiencer of our world. Whether it be inner or outer, real or imaginary, our minds perceive all things. And yoga is about mastery of the mind; we practice so as to develop awareness of ourselves and the world around us. So what about all the hours when we are asleep? What about the experiences we have in our dreams, and do they mean anything?

The teachings of yoga say that ordinary dreams are a result of the karmic mind. We get lost in our dreams; our hopes and fears, fantasies and confusions spin on endlessly. Sometimes we don’t recall our dreams at all, we go totally unconscious. But when our practice is developed, we can experience our non-dual mind and clear awareness in both waking and dream states. So practice helps to clarify our intention, demystify our experiences and further develop our mind toward the goal of yoga.

In this workshop we will explore the simple concepts and practice tools to free ourselves from the karmic bonds we experience in waking, dreaming and deep sleep. We will learn simple exercises which are done during the day, before and after sleeping, and in our dreams. By changing our karmic traces, removing grasping and aversion, and strengthening our intention to practice, we will clarify ourselves and our situations, cultivate more awareness in our sleep, and develop flexibility in our consciousness.

To register, please visit and go to Workshops page, then send contact form with name of workshop, date, and your full name and phone number to register.
Japanese translation by Sawa Takano


覚醒と夢に気づきを – ドリーム&スリープ・ヨガへの誘い

私たちの住む世界を体験するのは心です。内的なものであれ、外的なものであれ、現実であれ、想像であれ、心は全ての事象を受け止めます。そして、ヨガとは心を極める事 − 練習によって、私たち自身と、私たちを取り巻く世界とに気づきを養うのです。では、私たちが眠っている時間はどうでしょう?夢の中で私たちが体験する事に、何か意味があるのでしょうか?

ヨガの教えによると、ありふれた夢はカルマ的マインドの結果だと言います。私たちは、夢の中に迷います − そこでは希望と恐れ、錯覚や混乱が絶え間なく渦巻いています。時に私たちは完全に無意識で、夢を全く思い出す事が出来ません。ですから、練習を通じて私たちは目的を明確にし、体験する事を分かりやすく理解し、ヨガのゴールへと心をひたむきに向かわせるのです。


お申し込みは、スタジオのウェブサイト からワークショップのページへ進み、ワークショップのタイトル、開催日、フルネームとお電話番号を明記の上メールにてご連絡下さい。


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