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June 1st, 2013

Tao Yoga & YAR Workshop / June 21-22, 2013 – Minnano Yoga, Nagoya



06.21 (Fri)
Awareness Through Movement (yoga movement & pranayama)
Yoga movement can help us become aware of the intelligent and animating energy that flows within and around us all.  We use Taoist techniques and exercises to wake up our senses, stimulate ki/prana to flow throughout the body, and find natural balance in our inner and outer environments.  It is an important first step in cultivating awareness of the state of yoga and how to begin relating it to our everyday activities.
気づきのムーヴメント (ヨガ・ムーヴメントとプラナヤマ)

06.22 (Sat)
Taoist Yoga (yoga movement & meditation)
This is a flowing and dynamic yoga system designed to awaken our vital energy,open and purify the heart, plus brighten and strengthen our body’s protective electro-magnetic field. It helps clear stagnant energy, heals the organs and balances the emotions. It opens our whole being to the beauty of life and helps us experience our naturally clear and aware state.

06.22 (Sat)【14:15-16:45】
You Are Responsible (lecture)
In this workshop we will begin the journey of understanding what it means to be responsible. We will cover guidelines for improving communication, how we relate to our word/agreements, and being sensitive to time, energy, objects and space. We’ll practice simple exercises which bring awareness to our thoughts, words and actions, bridging spiritual truths with our worldly activity. The end result will be greater self-awareness and valuable choices of how to live creatively, intentionally and manifest our dreams. The energy of our yoga practice can then support our everyday lives!
責任を負うのはあなた (座学)


Minnano Yoga Studio, Nagoya


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