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September 6th, 2012

Modern Yoga Movement Pt II / October 20, 2012 – UTL Yoga School, Yoyogi





今回のワークショップでは動きのクオリティの重要性を探っていきます。いつも同じスタイル、同じリズムそして変わらないペースで練習を進めてはいませんか? 問題に気付かなかったり、あるいは問題の解決法を知っているように感じてしまいがちです。異なる動きの中のエネルギーの変化を見つめ、さまざまな練習の経験がもたらす変化を体感してみましょう。前回のワークショップで紹介した基本の要素を、これらの動きに合わせておさらいします。ヨガ初心者の方に最適な内容です。ジャイロキネシスの発展した動きを経験することで新たな扉を開くことができるでしょう。

Join us for another Modern Yoga Movement Workshop using the insightful techniques of the GYROKINESIS(R) system.
If you missed the first one, don’t worry. You can still join this program as a beginner to learn and discover new ideas about the body and healthy movement in your asana practice. If you’ve taken part I, we will go further in developing awareness of our movements and learn new techniques to fine tune your yoga asana.

The GYROKINESIS(R) system has three key elements of dynamic movement which can help us find our greatest potential – our ‘seed center’, narrowing of the pelvis, and our 5th line. It focuses on the 7 fundamental movements of the spine to bring health and proper alignment to the body. And we develop awareness of good posture and proper articulation of our joints while moving in our various body postures.

In this workshop we will explore the importance of the quality of our movements. We often practice in a same style, rhythm and pace. It’s very easy to get into a comfortable habit where we might not notice a problem or feel that we have the ability to find the solution. So we can look at nature and draw from it the influences of how energy moves in different ways, like how it changes during the 4 seasons, and how to bring this variety of expressions to your practice. We will also review the foundational elements introduced at the last workshop to integrate more deeply these movements. It is a perfect workshop for beginning yoga students and can open new doors for those with well developed movement capacities and experience.
Please join us!


Under The Light Yoga School
Under The Light Yoga School4F(アンダー・ザ・ライトヨガスクール)に10分前集合して下さい。

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