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February 6th, 2013

True Nature Festival / May 24-26, 2013 – Karuizawa

True Nature

05.24 (Fri)
モダン・ヨガ・ムーヴメント 〜動きの可能性を最大限に引き出す
Sunday – Modern Yoga Movement Class
Discover our body’s greatest movement potential. Essential for both teachers and students, this workshop-style class provides unique and practical techniques for evolving our practice and teaching skills. We’ll learn three key elements of dynamic movement (‘seed center’, narrowing of the pelvis, 5th line), focus on the 7 fundamental actions of the spine, and develop awareness of healthy posture and proper articulation of our joints. Tap in to your utmost energy potential, breathe new inspiration into your practice, and stimulate creativity in your classes.

05.25 (Sat)
タオヨガ 〜生命の源とつながる
Saturday – Taoist Yoga
Practicing outdoors we are able to reconnect with nature, the source of life within us and all around us. This is a flowing and dynamic yoga system designed to awaken our vital energy, open and purify the heart, plus brighten and strengthen our body’s protective electro-magnetic field. It helps clear stagnant energy, heals the organs and balances the emotions. It opens our whole being to the beauty of life and helps us experience our naturally clear and aware state.

link to True Nature website.



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