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March 1st, 2012

Detox Yoga Workshop / April 14, 2012 – UTL Yoga School, Yoyogi

Detox Yoga Workshop
“spring cleaning for the mind, body and soul”

9:00-11:00 5F

When we begin our journey with yoga, it’s like preparing the soil for a garden to produce an abundance of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. As we deepen our practice, we plant the seeds that we choose to cultivate. And if we want the best possible result with our garden, we create the best possible environment to nurture these seedlings. So similarly in our yoga practice, it is an important step to cleanse the body and mind to properly cultivate the ‘seed’ or light of our true nature which yoga reveals.

Spring is the perfect time of year to cleanse. It is when new growth appears in nature. It is when new blood is produced in the body and naturally we shed old, unused material. And by doing specific dietary cleanses in combination with asana, healing breaths and meditation, we create the optimal environment for our work with yoga to bear fruit.

In this workshop, we will introduce yoga asana designed specifically to heal the digestive system which, if not working properly, is the cause of many illnesses and diseases. We will also learn to use the breath and meditation to heal the major organs and release burdensome thoughts and negative emotions. Finally, we will look at a few suggested yogic cleanses which will aid in our body’s natural desire and ability to repair and heal itself. If we simply lighten the load we place on our bodies and minds, our yoga practice will bear the
fruit that will nourish us deep within and eternally without.

Japanese translation provided by Sawano Takano.

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Under The Light Yoga School5F
Under The Light Yoga School4F(アンダー・ザ・ライトヨガスクール)に10分前集合して下さい。







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