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June 17th, 2010

10-day Mung Beans & Rice Diet

As a continuation of the Yoga Detox Program, a group of us did a 10-day version of the Mung Beans & Rice diet.  This dish is an easy to make Indian style kicherie which reduces the normal stress we put on the digestive system, giving it a chance to heal and repair itself.  The dish itself is delicious and nutritious which makes it an easy beginners diet/cleanse.  Normally it is done for 30 to 40 days, but I adjusted it so it could suit our first time cleansers.  The diet was supplemented with whole fruit in-between meals and all you can drink Yogi Tea (made from scratch).  Probably the most obvious change was the weight we lost, but in time this diet can help one feel the shedding of unwanted and unneeded emotional and mental material as well.  And because many of you have requested the recipe, you can find it here.  Plus I recommend reading Yogi Bhajan’s thoughts about fasting.

Some Thoughts About Fasting

Recipe: Mung Beans & Rice + Yogi Tea


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