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May 1st, 2010

Yoga Aid / Tokyo Midtown

For a few weeks in April/May, the manicured lawn of posh Tokyo Midtown is the home of Park Yoga, which offers free outdoor yoga to the Tokyo community.  And on this special occasion, a conglomerate of local yoga instructors plus visiting teachers led a 700+ person yoga session which not only was quite a sight to see, but quite amazing in which to participate.  Organized by a couple from Australia, Yoga Aid brings awareness to and supports charitable non-profit organizations all over the world.  It stimulated me to look at the possibility of doing non-profit work myself here in Japan, plus it was a fun way to dive into the local yoga community and reacquaint myself with fellow yoga teachers.  As a new Japan resident, I look forward to all of the rich experiences that await as I stand at the vastly expanded horizon of my life, saluting the rising sun and all it brings forth.

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