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January 28th, 2018

Summer Retreat / July 14-16, 2018 @ Mt. Mitake, Tokyo

Summer Retreat with Miles Maeda
The Journey To Our Center – from Yoga to Tantra
マイルズ・マエダ サマーリトリート2018

Saturday July 14 – Monday July 16, 2018
at Nobori Shukubo, Mitake, Tokyo
cost: ¥46,000     early registration: ¥39,000 (by April 14, 2018)
御岳山 宿坊「能保利」(東京・青梅)

email –
お申込みはメールにて まで!

Summer Retreat is back once again! Join us for an immersive weekend of movement, meditation and healing in the beautiful setting of Mitake Mountain. For this year’s retreat we will explore the path of Yoga and see how at its end, at its peak, begins the path of Tantra.

In Yoga we cultivate what is positive and avoid what is negative. In Tantra we live in full acceptance, embracing our aversions, for within every negative lies its positive; the possibility for transformation becomes available in every situation. By simply being relaxed, open, and aware, ignorance can turn into wisdom, fear into freedom, discipline into naturalness. We skillfully navigate our experiences, the non-dual mind stabilizes, and we abide effortlessly in our center.

In this retreat we will utilize Yoga and Tantra techniques to access the opportunities for transformation that are available in our day-to-day lives. Modern Hatha Yoga helps us explore new movement patterns and opens new pathways to our spiritual and worldly goals; Yin Yoga supports deep surrender and cultivates patience and compassion toward ourselves; and partner Kundalini Yoga/Venus Kriyas encourages openness and skillfulness in the way we relate to others. We will also practice pranayama, mantra and meditation to further gain support in unraveling the conditioned mind so we may stabilize in our natural state.

Course content includes:
– Modern Yoga Movement
– Yin Yoga
– Venus Kriyas
– Discourses on Intentional Living
– Teachings of Yoga & Tantra
– Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation
Sound Healing & Sufi Dancing

Costs include course instruction, accommodations, and vegetarian meals.
参加費には受講料、宿泊費(食事付 **乳製品・卵を含む菜食のお食事となります)が含まれます

This program is intended for all levels of students. No previous experience necessary. With clear awareness and full acceptance we can truly transform our obstacles into fulfillment and wholeness. There is no duality, only totality.

email –
お申込みはメールにて まで!





November 8th, 2017

Rudra Yoga 3: Kundalini Yoga / December 11-17, 2018 @ Boulevard, CA

Rudra Yoga 3: Kundalini Yoga
“Subtle System & Developing Will”
at Liberty Advance, Boulevard CA

December 11-17, 2017
$795 – early registration (until NOV 17)
$895 – regular cost

3-day weekend (December 14-17, arr Thursday evening)
$425 – early registration (until NOV 17)
$475 – regular cost

This yoga intensive utilizes exercises and techniques which combine mental focus, yogic movements, dynamic breathing and sacred sound to begin deeper work in the subtle systems of the body and tap into the power of our will. Kundalini Yoga awakens the nervous system and opens the subtle channels, expanding our vital life-force energy; mantra balances the chakras and raises our vibration; meditation clears the senses and helps us to digest tenisons so we may experience our inner Light. We learn to make the unconscious conscious and to choose supportive habits in our intention to become whole and connected to an unlimited source of energy.

Retreat Content:
– Kundalini Yoga
– Pranayama
– Mantra
– Meditation
– Yoga Philosophy
– Anatomy
– Somatic Inquiry
– Gentle Movement (Feldenkrais, Gyrokinesis, Hatha Yoga)
– Healing Clinic & Hawaiian Energetics

Costs include course instruction, accommodations, vegetarian meals (w/ meat-option), and healing sessions.

Come to explore the practices and teachings of Kundalini Yoga, be nourished by the healing energies of the surrounding nature, and enjoy building community and celebrating life with friends old and new. This program is open to all students, no previous experience necessary.

to register –

June 27th, 2017

Rudra Yoga 2: Hatha Yoga I / July 21-27, 2017 @ Boulevard, San Diego

Rudra Yoga 2: Hatha Yoga I
“Physical System & Developing Breath”

Friday July 21 – Thursday July 27, 2017
at Liberty Advance, Boulevard CA

$895 – regular cost by Fri, July 14

3-day weekend (FRI eve – MON noon)
$475 – regular cost by Fri, July 14

For more information, visit

We will explore the physical system through movements, breathing techniques and sound practices which focus on developing awareness of skeletal alignment, moving function and increased breathing function. The synchronicity of body movement with breath and mental focus creates a proper container to store energy needed for the expansion of awareness. The meditation practices open the third eye or intuition center and activate the navel or digestion center to process experiences and refine energy for growth. We learn to conduct our ordinary activities, such as eating, sleeping, bathing, speaking, working, playing and sex with awareness of movement and breath to make our meditation continuous.

Retreat Content:
Hatha Yoga I flow series
Posture Clinic
Pranayama: 4 Purification Breaths
Meditation: Tratakam and RudraFlo
Mantra: Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Rudra
Yoga Philosophy: Overview and Eight Limbs of Yoga
Diet & Lifestyle
Anatomy: Experiencial Movement Anatomy and Respiration
Healing: Hawaiian Energetics, Thai Yoga Massage & Spa

Costs include course instruction, accommodations, vegetarian meals (w/ meat-option), and healing sessions.

Come and be nourished by the healing energy of the mountains, enjoy community with friends old and new, and explore the East Indian practices and techniques of Hatha Yoga. This program is open to all students, no previous experience necessary.



May 6th, 2017

Rudra Yoga 1: Foundation / May 10-16, 2017 @ Boulevard, San Diego

The time has come for the first of our Rudra Yoga intensives at Liberty Advance in Boulevard, CA. This Foundation course is designed to help us find and be in our center in a variety of simple and practical ways. It will help us to gain awareness of our body, breath, and mind so we can be present and alert, allowing us to focus our energy in whatever creative way we choose. Ultimately, these foundational tools support us to be happy, open, and relaxed so we can understand and enjoy the journey of our spiritual path.

Rudra Yoga 1: Foundation
May 10-16, 2017

Course Content:
Introduction to Rudra Yoga
Gyrokinesis & Orientation Exercises
Anatomy: Emotions & Nervous System
Feldenkrais Method/ATM
Philosophy: Zen Mind, Beginners Mind
Mantras of Acceptance
Meditation: Dance & RudraFlo
Hawaiian Energetics Healing Clinic

The Rudra Yoga Program is a course of study of our spiritual roots on the planet tracing back to 18,000 years ago. It is a five-year program which is comprised of 20 courses, moving from the more physical practices of yoga movement (Hatha, Kundalini) to the more subtle techniques of breath work and meditation (Tao, Tibetan). It is designed to be taken as a whole, but almost all of the courses may be taken individually without any prerequisite requirements.

Upcoming courses:
Rudra Yoga 2: Hatha Yoga / July 21-27
Rudra Yoga 3: Kundalini Yoga / September 8-13
Rudra Yoga 4: The Path of Tantra / December 11-17



May 20th, 2016

Summer Yoga Retreat / July 16-18, 2016 @ Mt. Mitake, Tokyo

2016 Mitake Yoga Retreat

Summer Retreat with Miles Maeda
The Heart of the Beloved – Let the Beauty We Love Be What We Do
マイルズ・マエダ サマー・リトリート
愛の真髄 – 愛すべきものを体現する

Saturday July 16 – Monday July 18, 2016
at Nobori Shukubo, Mitake, Tokyo
御岳山 宿坊「能保利」(東京・青梅)

There are paths of yoga for the intellect, paths of yoga for being of service, and paths of yoga for disciplined practice. Most are familiar with the latter when practicing yoga asana. But alongside these is a spiritual path of love and devotion, of ecstasy and unity, of celebration and community—it is the path of the heart. This is the way of connecting with and honoring the love, harmony, and beauty in the world and expressing it in all the things that we do.

The Sufi path has deep roots coming from seeds planted by early mystics and esoteric schools of the Middle East. At its center is the heart, the path of love; its guide, the one holy book, is nature itself. It views all religions as one religion, and recognizes all prophets, saints, and buddhas as messengers of God the Beloved. And just like in yoga, the goal is unity, oneness. We turn on our inner light allowing it to shine forth through our actions, making our lives the beautiful expression of what we love.

Come join us for our sixth annual Summer Retreat where we’ll honor life and celebrate love through diverse and dynamic yoga practices. The day begins with a blend of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, the afternoons with Vinyasa and Gyrokinesis movement. We will bathe in the sounds of the sacred chants, teachings, and poetry of the mystics. And the days will end with one of our favorite practices, Sufi Dancing! This retreat will also give everyone more free time to be with nature and explore the power spots in the Mitake Mountains.

Retreat Content:
Morning Hatha/Kundalini Yoga
Teachings of the Mystics
Afternoon Vinyasa/Gyrokinesis Movement
Evening Sufi Dancing
朝クラス:ハタ / クンダリーニ・ヨガ
午後クラス:ヴィンヤサ/ ジャイロキネシス・ムーヴメント

This is a fun and spirited yoga program for connecting to our hearts and walking our spiritual path in love, harmony, and beauty. Come and be nourished by the healing energy of the mountains, enjoy community with friends old and new, and explore the mysteries of the heart of the Beloved. This program is open to all students, no previous experience necessary.

registration –


May 18th, 2015

Summer Yoga Retreat / July 18-20, 2015 – Mitake Mountain, Tokyo

Mitake Retreat 2015

Yoga from the Land of the Snows – the Magical Movements of Bön Yoga
雪深き地より – ボン・ヨガ マジカル・ムーヴメント

Saturday July 18 – Monday July 20, 2015
at Nobori Shukubo, Mitake, Tokyo
御岳山 宿坊「能保利」(東京・青梅)

Thousands of years ago in the ancient lands of central Asia emerged the spiritual tradition of Bön, which is said to be the seed or root of all spiritual paths of today. It teaches that we are already naturally enlightened, and by clearing away the obscurations that cloud our awareness we can experience this inherent Buddha nature. It is considered the indigenous spiritual tradition of Tibet, yet the practices and teachings support all varieties of spiritual traditions that exist on the planet.

The pre-Buddhist Bön practices are grounded and earthy, connecting us with nature and the elements, yet at the same time expand our consciousness beyond the vast space of the cosmos. They are wonderfully useful for handling the stresses of daily life; purifying and harmonizing our body, speech and mind; and realizing our ultimate goal of liberation. Bön includes the paths of Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen, all which guide us to having a true spiritual life.

Come join us for this year’s Summer Retreat where we will learn the Bön Yoga practices which can add depth and dimension to our current spiritual practices/beliefs. Prostrations prepare the body and mind; pranayama balances the channels; yoga exercises remove obstacles and create space; mantra opens the heart, cultivating joy and equanimity; and meditation guides us to the realization of our Buddha nature. Once introduced, these practices act as a loyal friend who will accompany us throughout our spiritual journey.

Retreat Content:
Preparation – Prostrations (foundation of Sun Salutations)
Pranayama – 9 Purification Breathings (activates the subtle channels)
Yoga – Magical Movements (clears blocks in the body, energy and mind)
Mantra – Guru Yoga, Great Matri Mantra, Dedication
Meditation – Preliminary Practices (balances emotions, stabilizes the mind)
Healing Circle & Sufi Dancing!
準備- 五体倒地(太陽礼拝の基礎)
プラナヤマ- 9つの浄化呼吸法(微細な脈管を活性化する)
ヨガ- マジカル・ムーヴメント(体、エネルギー、心の詰まりを取り除く)
マントラ- グル・ヨーガ、マートリ・マントラ、回向
瞑想- 予備練習(感情のバランスを整え、心を安定させる)




October 6th, 2014

Hatha Yoga Intensive / Nov 2-3, 2014 @ Noah’s Ark, Kobuchizawa



Hatha Yoga Intensive

In this retreat we will study classical Indian Yoga. We will also have the unique opportunity to spend time outside in nature, communing with and celebrating in the powerful elements in Kobuchizawa’s most beautiful surroundings.

– Hatha Yoga
– Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
– Mantra
– Pranayama
– Sufi Dancing

Dates:  11/2 (Sun) – 11/3 (Mon)
Location: Retreat Space Noah’s Ark in Kobuchizawa, Yamanashi

To reserve your space,
email us @ (in English)
With your info below and we will get back to you with further information.


Hatha Yoga Intensive





Hatha Yoga Intensive ハタヨーガを極める2日間
with マイルズ・マエダ



Retreat Space Noah’s Ark

July 1st, 2014

Summer Retreat with Miles Maeda / July 19-21, 2014 – Mitake, Tokyo

Mitake 2014

Inner Secrets and Outer Manifestation – The Alchemy of Tantra

Saturday July 19 – Monday July 21, 2014
at Nobori Shukubo, Mitake, Tokyo

Join us this Summer for our fourth annual yoga retreat in Mitake mountain!

Our human life is precious, each and every moment is new and full of possibility.  But we often perceive reality as solid and fixed, our mind is bound by old conditioning and beliefs.  Thus we limit our potential, deny ourselves what we truly want, settle for commonly shared mediocrity.  This relates to our work, our relationships, our entire lives.  We fall into comfortable habits of avoiding what we fear and attaching ourselves to what pleases us.  On the path of spiritual growth, this keeps us stuck; opportunities to experience our fullest human potential are left unrealized.

Tantra is an esoteric path of transformation.  Through it we see reality as fluid, our minds and behavior flexible.  Unlike other spiritual paths which are about denying negative influences, tantra says to embrace them, but with awareness, which loosens the constricting knots of tension in our bodies and mind.  This is the secret of transformation, opening the pathways of our creative life-force energies to allow for their expression and manifestation.  Tantra means ‘continuity’, so instead of having ‘either/or’ mind one has ‘both/and’ mind. So Tantra really means experiencing all dimensions of life in complete fullness, freeing ourselves from our bondage and rigidity, remaining relaxed, open and flowing, residing naturally in the middle, in our center.  We live in full acceptance instead of critical denial.

In this Summer’s retreat we will be introduced to the teachings and practices of various traditions coming from Tibet, India and America to discover how to balance our spiritual life in a world full of distractions.  This will encompass yoga for the body, working skillfully with others; meditation with Tibetan deities to transform our attachments; and teachings about life and love to see a bigger picture of how to truly fulfill our wants and needs.  By bringing increased awareness to our thoughts and actions, we release fear and confusion and develop unconditional love and wisdom.

Course curriculum includes:
Partner Yoga & Venus Kriyas
Deity Practice, Mantra & Meditation
Intentional Living & The Truth About Love
Dream & Sleep Yoga
Healing Circle
Sufi Dancing


Join us for this rich and unique yoga program.  It is intended for all levels of students, beginning and experienced alike.  Bring yourself, bring a friend.  With full alertness and clear awareness we can truly live a life of fulfillment and wholeness.  There is no duality, only totality.

to register, email –

visit the Facebook event page here.


June 10th, 2013

Summer Retreat with Miles Maeda / July 13-15, 2013 – Mitake, Tokyo


Summer Retreat w/ Miles Maeda
Karma to Dharma – from Mundane to Magical

Saturday July 13 – Monday July 15, 2013
at Mount Mitake, Shukubo Nobori (Oume, Tokyo)
2013年7月13日(土)〜2013年7月15日(月祝) 御岳山 宿坊 能保利(東京 青梅)

We all have obstacles that stand in the way of our experience of true joy and happiness. There are negative thoughts in the mind, burdensome emotions in the heart, stress and tensions in the body. These are seeds (karma) that when unattended grow into our problems, burdens and obstacles in life. When we cut our karmic root and walk the spiritual path (dharma) we can experience our naturally unconditioned self; a state that is effortlessly balanced, loving, compassionate and joyful.

If we pay close attention to the seeds we sow, we can cultivate clear awareness and the ability to make wise choices. We must watch our actions, our speech and especially our thoughts. We can let go of our comforts, conveniences and concepts that no longer support our evolution and start raising our consciousness and ability so we can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into the magical.

In this years program we will learn what it means cut our karmic root. We will introduce practices that can help us to gain insight on our conditioned habits and patterns. We will focus on clearing our obstacles through physical yoga practice that release deep tensions in the body, pranayama to calm the mind and increase our life force, mantra to attune to our perfected state, and meditation to ignite the inner fire and generate energy for our liberation.

Course curriculum includes:
– Yoga teachings on clearing obstacles & cutting our karmic root
– Hatha & Tibetan Yoga to energize the body, chakras and channels
– Pranayama to expand capacity for life-force
– Meditation to digest unprocessed tensions
– Mantra to realize ones perfected state
– Healing Circle & Sufi Dancing

Join us for this rich and unique yoga program.  It is intended for all levels of students, beginning and experienced alike.  Bring yourself, bring a friend.  Let us clear our obstacles, make intentional and responsible choices, and live our lives to its most beautiful expression.


Inquiries & Registration:



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July 14th, 2012

Summer Yoga Retreat / July 14-16, 2012 – Mitake

Realizing Your Spiritual And Worldly Goals w/ Miles Maeda

Saturday July 14 – Monday July 16, 2012
at Nobori Shukubo, Mitake, Tokyo

Join us this Summer for an immersive weekend retreat at Mitake mountain. In this informative, practical and fun program we will focus on how to improve our health, attract more wealth, and gain useful insight about ourselves through the ancient teachings of yoga. It is a chance to gather all of our spiritual and worldly goals together and activate in ourselves the inspiration and determination to realize our dreams!

We have the ability to magnetize to us all the things we need and want in life. This is a simple truth which is obscured by the karmic conditioning of our body/mind. By using the tools of yoga, we can more clearly see our old unsupportive habits and patterns and recreate healthy new ones that help us to realize our true potential, manifesting exactly what we intend – improving our health, success with our work, enriching our spiritual life.

In this program we will learn three categories of practices, all working together to help us improve the way we function in our bodies and in the world: preparation (having clear intention), generation (building necessary life-force energy) and circulation (sharing the fruits of our labor). We will learn to purify and strengthen our body so we stop leaking vital energy. We will learn to generate and store necessary prana/ki to raise our level of performance and awareness. We will learn the importance of circulating and sharing this energy so it creates a continuous and abundant flow that supports all, including ourselves.

Course curriculum includes:
– Yoga teachings on plugging our leaks & cultivating prana/ki
– Hatha Yoga to energize the body & breath
– Kundalini Yoga to create opportunity & money
– Taoist pranayama to circulate life-force energy
– Tibetan meditation to clear karma
– Healing circle & Sufi dancing

Please join us for this rich and unique yoga program. It is intended for all levels of students, beginning and experienced alike.  Bring yourself, bring a friend. Let us all learn, grow and celebrate together in this transformative journey!

Japanese translation provided by Sawano Takano.


マイルズ・マエダによる スピリチュアルな夢、人生における目標を実現するためのヨガ・リトリート

2012年 7月14日(土)- 7月16日(月祝)
御岳山(東京 青梅) 宿坊 「能保利」


私たちには、人生に必要なもの、自分が欲しているものを引き寄せる能力が備わっています。この事は、心と身体のコンディションを左右するカルマの中にある、ごくあたり前の真実なのです。ヨガという手段を使えば、ためにならない古くからの習慣やパターンをはっきりと見分けることができ、健康的で新しいやり方を創り出す事ができるでしょう。そしてこれが、私たちの真の可能性を広げ、目標とする事 – 健康改善、仕事の成功、豊かなスピリチュアル・ライフなど – を実現させる助けとなるのです。

– 準備(明確な目的を持つ)
– 生成(必要な生命力エネルギーを培う)
– 循環(労働の成果を分かち合う)



– プラナ=気を作り出し、漏出を止める事についてのヨガの教え
– 身体と呼吸に活力を与えるハタ・ヨガ
– チャンスとお金を引き寄せるクンダリーニ・ヨガ
– 生命力エネルギーを巡らせるタオイストの呼吸法
– カルマを清算するチベットの瞑想
– ヒーリング・サークルとスーフィのダンス


共に学び、成長し、喜びを分かち合いませんか? 変革の旅へ、一緒に出かけましょう!




March 2nd, 2012

Weekend Retreat / April 14-15, 2012 – Kanazawa

Fun times in Kanazawa.  Thank you to Mayumi for organizing such a wonderful gathering, and to Tomoko for your excellent translating.  Looking forward to the next one!


Yoga Retreat with Miles Maeda in Kanazawa

Date: Saturday, April 14 to Sunday, April 15
April 14, 18:30-20:30 Integration Yoga Workshop
April 15, 9:00-12:00 Detox Yoga Workshop

Place:Yuwaku Sosaku no Mori
E-36, Kitabukuro, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken
About one hour by bus from Kanazawa Station



4月14日(土)18:30-20:30 インテグレーション・ヨガ・ワークショップ
4月15日(日) 9:00-12:00 デトックス・ヨガ・ワークショップ




July 18th, 2011

Yoga Detox & Rejuvenation Weekend

ヨガ デトックス リトリート

detoxify, purify and elevate with Miles Maeda

Saturday July 16 – Monday July 18, 2011
at Nobori Shukubo, Mitake, Tokyo
御岳山 宿坊 能坊利(東京、青梅)

Join us this Summer for a weekend yoga program at inspiring Mitake mountain to rejuvenate the body and mind.  Take some time out of your day-to-day life and be with friends, be with your practice, and most importantly be with your self.

We will detoxify to release the waste material from the body, emotions and mind; purify to create an intentional environment for our creativity, livelihood and relationships; and elevate to upgrade our practice tools and techniques so we can operate at higher levels of energy and consciousness.

In this program, we will cycle through five activities designed to support the body to be healthy and vibrant, the mind peaceful and clear, and our life full of creative energy and joyful inspiration.  We will practice yoga, hydrotherapy, follow a cleansing diet, refresh our creative energy with the natural surroundings, and deeply relax and heal.

This is a perfect yoga weekend for all levels of students.  Just come ready for a new and exciting experience as we go through this transformative program together.


inquiries & registration:

September 5th, 2010

Mini-Detox Weekend, Izu-Nagaoka

One of the more popular of our Rudra Yoga programs is the 5-Day Yoga Detox Intensive.  It’s a unique schedule of around-the-clock yoga, healing/creative work, hydrotherapy, cleansing diet, and study of the teachings.  To prepare for this intensive endeavor which will occur next Spring, we did a mini version at a ryokan in Izu-Nagaoka with my team of guinea pig yogis (enjoying healing time at the foot bath on top of Mt. Katsuragi).

This yoga intensive is unique because it focuses on cleaning and clearing the physical, emotional and mental material that we no longer need or unnecessarily hang on to in our lives.  We did this through a liquid diet of orange/apple/papaya juice (nourishing) and onion/garlic juice (detoxifying), hydrotherapy in hot and cold baths, healing with Reiki, plus a whole lotta Kundalini Yoga.  It was a great way to close the Summer months and enter into the beginnings of Fall with clear body, energy and mind.

Though the weekend version is much lighter, everyone felt the wonderfully enlightening effects of detoxing.  It was nice to have a weekend outside of Tokyo, and it was a fun and memorable way to be together with friends.  When the next 5-day Yoga Detox Program comes around, it’s something I recommend trying at least once.  You’ll never forget it!

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