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April 7th, 2014

Summer Retreat with Miles Maeda / July 19-21, 2014 – Mitake, Tokyo


Inner Secrets and Outer Manifestation – The Alchemy of Tantra

Saturday July 19 – Monday July 21, 2014
at Nobori Shukubo, Mitake, Tokyo

Join us this Summer for our fourth annual yoga retreat in Mitake mountain!

Our human life is precious, each and every moment is new and full of possibility.  But we often perceive reality as solid and fixed, our mind is bound by old conditioning and beliefs.  Thus we limit our potential, deny ourselves what we truly want, settle for commonly shared mediocrity.  This relates to our work, our relationships, our entire lives.  We fall into comfortable habits of avoiding what we fear and attaching ourselves to what pleases us.  On the path of spiritual growth, this keeps us stuck; opportunities to experience our fullest human potential are left unrealized.

Tantra is an esoteric path of transformation.  Through it we see reality as fluid, our minds and behavior flexible.  Unlike other spiritual paths which are about denying negative influences, tantra says to embrace them, but with awareness, which loosens the constricting knots of tension in our bodies and mind.  This is the secret of transformation, opening the pathways of our creative life-force energies to allow for their expression and manifestation.  Tantra means ‘continuity’, so instead of having ‘either/or’ mind one has ‘both/and’ mind. So Tantra really means experiencing all dimensions of life in complete fullness, freeing ourselves from our bondage and rigidity, remaining relaxed, open and flowing, residing naturally in the middle, in our center.  We live in full acceptance instead of critical denial.

In this Summer’s retreat we will be introduced to the teachings and practices of various traditions coming from Tibet, India and America to discover how to balance our spiritual life in a world full of distractions.  This will encompass yoga for the body, working skillfully with others; meditation with Tibetan deities to transform our attachments; and teachings about life and love to see a bigger picture of how to truly fulfill our wants and needs.  By bringing increased awareness to our thoughts and actions, we release fear and confusion and develop unconditional love and wisdom.

Course curriculum includes:
Partner Yoga & Venus Kriyas
Deity Practice, Mantra & Meditation
Intentional Living & The Truth About Love
Dream & Sleep Yoga
Healing Circle
Sufi Dancing


Join us for this rich and unique yoga program.  It is intended for all levels of students, beginning and experienced alike.  Bring yourself, bring a friend.  With full alertness and clear awareness we can truly live a life of fulfillment and wholeness.  There is no duality, only totality.

to register, email –

visit the Facebook event page here.


April 3rd, 2014

Organic Life Tokyo / Saturday April 26, 2014 – 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo








Meditation for Training the Mind
Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meditation can improve the function of the mind and our ability to concentrate. Concentration and depression are opposites. If we want to focus our lives, we need to be able to focus our minds.

Meditation is about training the mind to concentrate. Educate the mind to concentrate and you will need no other education. This means that a trained mind can be applied to any activity and bring success and eventually mastery. Thus applying meditation to what we do has rich potential.

In this lecture we will explore facets of meditation and what it means to train the mind. We will go over the basics of meditating and how to apply it to your practice and your everyday activity, thus opening the door to experience our fullest human potential. This is open to all levels of experience. Educate yourself to concentrate!

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April 1st, 2014

Upcoming Workshop / Saturday, April 19, 2014 – UTL Yoga School, Yoyogi


Preparing to Detox – spring cleaning for the mind, body and soul
Saturday April 19, 2014 9:00-11:00

When we begin our journey with yoga, it’s like preparing the soil for a garden to produce an abundance of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. As we deepen our practice, we plant the seeds that we choose
to cultivate. And if we want the best possible result with our garden, we create the best possible environment to nurture these seedlings. So similarly in our yoga practice, it is an important step to cleanse the body and mind to properly cultivate the ‘seed’ or light of our true nature which yoga reveals.

Spring is the perfect time of year to cleanse. It is when new growth appears in nature. It is when new blood is produced in the body and naturally we shed old, unused material. And by doing specific dietary cleanses in combination with asana, healing breaths and meditation, we create the optimal environment for our work with yoga to bear fruit.

In this workshop, we will introduce yoga asana designed specifically to heal the digestive system which, if not working properly, is the cause of many illnesses and diseases. We will look at healthy daily habits that will support you in preparing to detox. Plus we will look at a few suggested yogic cleanses which will aid in our body’s natural desire and ability to repair and heal itself. If we simply lighten the load we place on our bodies and minds, our yoga practice will bear the fruit that will nourish us deep within and eternally without.
Japanese translation by Sawa Takano





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January 29th, 2014

Consciousness in Waking & Dreaming / March 29, 2014 – Sun & Moon, Gotanda


Consciousness in Waking & Dreaming – an introduction to dream & sleep yoga
Saturday March 29th, 5:00-7:30pm

A workshop with Miles Maeda at Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, Gotanda
3,500 yen

The mind is the experiencer of our world. Whether it be inner or outer, real or imaginary, our minds perceive all things. And yoga is about mastery of the mind; we practice so as to develop awareness of ourselves and the world around us. So what about all the hours when we are asleep? What about the experiences we have in our dreams, and do they mean anything?

The teachings of yoga say that ordinary dreams are a result of the karmic mind. We get lost in our dreams; our hopes and fears, fantasies and confusions spin on endlessly. Sometimes we don’t recall our dreams at all, we go totally unconscious. But when our practice is developed, we can experience our non-dual mind and clear awareness in both waking and dream states. So practice helps to clarify our intention, demystify our experiences and further develop our mind toward the goal of yoga.

In this workshop we will explore the simple concepts and practice tools to free ourselves from the karmic bonds we experience in waking, dreaming and deep sleep. We will learn simple exercises which are done during the day, before and after sleeping, and in our dreams. By changing our karmic traces, removing grasping and aversion, and strengthening our intention to practice, we will clarify ourselves and our situations, cultivate more awareness in our sleep, and develop flexibility in our consciousness.

To register, please visit and go to Workshops page, then send contact form with name of workshop, date, and your full name and phone number to register.
Japanese translation by Sawa Takano


覚醒と夢に気づきを – ドリーム&スリープ・ヨガへの誘い

私たちの住む世界を体験するのは心です。内的なものであれ、外的なものであれ、現実であれ、想像であれ、心は全ての事象を受け止めます。そして、ヨガとは心を極める事 − 練習によって、私たち自身と、私たちを取り巻く世界とに気づきを養うのです。では、私たちが眠っている時間はどうでしょう?夢の中で私たちが体験する事に、何か意味があるのでしょうか?

ヨガの教えによると、ありふれた夢はカルマ的マインドの結果だと言います。私たちは、夢の中に迷います − そこでは希望と恐れ、錯覚や混乱が絶え間なく渦巻いています。時に私たちは完全に無意識で、夢を全く思い出す事が出来ません。ですから、練習を通じて私たちは目的を明確にし、体験する事を分かりやすく理解し、ヨガのゴールへと心をひたむきに向かわせるのです。


お申し込みは、スタジオのウェブサイト からワークショップのページへ進み、ワークショップのタイトル、開催日、フルネームとお電話番号を明記の上メールにてご連絡下さい。


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January 20th, 2014

Reiki Level I Workshop / Saturday, January 19, 2014 – Sangenjaya

Reiki I WS JAN '14

Congratulations Reiki Level I students…!


‘Rei’ means divine and ‘Ki’ means life force. This form of healing energy is inherent in and exists all around us. It is suitable for anyone. There are no special requirements or talent; just the desire for opening more deeply to one’s healing abilities.

Join us for this workshop which will include basic theories, procedures and attunements to becoming a level I practitioner. You will learn hand placement positions for treating yourself and others with Reiki, as well as a variety of ways to apply it to daily living and creative work.


About the instructor:
Miles Maeda has been a practitioner of Reiki for over 17 years, becoming a master teacher in 1998 through his teacher Margie Brittain. Fusing this healing work with his yoga/meditation practice, his musical creations, business pursuits, and personal relationships, Miles has a very grounded and practical way of sharing the application of Reiki. He offers educational programs like these around the globe to support those also interested in melding spiritual work with worldly activity. For more info, visit

17年前よりレイキを学び、1998年にMargie Brittain氏のもとでマスター・ティーチャーとなる。ヒーリングワークを自身のヨガと瞑想のプラクティスや音楽制作、ビジネスの場や人間関係に取り入れており、しっかりとした実用的な側面からレイキの活用法を伝えている。そして、このような教育プログラムを、彼自身のようにスピリチュアルワークを日々の活動と融合させたいと願う世界中の人々に提供している。より詳しい情報はマイルズのウェブサイトにて

January 11th, 2014

Alkaline Recipes


Alkaline Recipes アルカリ性のレシピ


download ダウンロード Quinoa Stewキノアシチュー 

download ダウンロード Quinoa & Veggiesキノアと野菜 

download ダウンロード Hummusフムス 




January 1st, 2014

Food For Health & Healing / January 11, 2014 – UTL Yoga School, Yoyogi

Alkaline-Acidic Foods

Food for Health & Healing Workshop


「食べるものがその人をつくる」 これは本当です。私たちは食べるという行為を通して、未来の自分自身をつくっているのです。





1. 食べ物を通して心身の健康を得ることの目的について
2. 消化と排泄に関するヨガ的な10の考え方
3. アルカリ性で栄養価の高い食品によってエネルギーと体重を最適な状態にする方法
4. 1~3ヶ月のダイエットプログラムの具体的なプランとレシピ


Food for Health & Healing Workshop

You are what you eat. It’s true. Every time you eat, you create your future self. Our food provides the building blocks for our health, literally becoming the assemblage of components which make up the entire body from the brain to our bones. In time each cell of the body is rebuilt by the nutrients in what we eat and helps determine our body’s overall health and vitality, mood and demeanor, as well as mental attitude and experience of life.

Learning how to eat for our health is not often taught by our parents nor by our educational systems, and the old cultural and indigenous traditions that make sacred this knowledge have been sidelined by the convenience of technology and industry. Most information made readily available are from advertisements and media, government agencies and institutions, as well as large corporations. Food becomes fuel for the body, pleasure for our taste buds, and comfort for our emotions.

We will explore methods old and new for using specific foods for cleaning out toxins and waste, maintaining energy, cellular health and optimal weight, and discovering the benefits of nutrient rich food.

We will look at:

1. the objectives for a healthy body and mind through food
2. 10 yogic ideas about digestion and elimination
3. how to have optimal energy and weight through alkaline and nutrient
rich foods
4. a plan with recipes for a 1 to 3 month program

Our relationship to food is vital, and our lives depend on it!



August 20th, 2013

You Are Responsible – November 2013



Understand that You Are Responsible

Learn How To:
Make your life work right
Make your self work right

This is accomplished through building:
Energetic relationships and a creative mind

Workbook Training Witness Training
1. Clear Communication
2. Conscious Use of Language
3. Completing Cycles and Keeping Agreements
4. Sensitivity to Time, Space, Objects and Energy

1. Meditation on your Self
2. Setting goals from vision
3. Being aware of your present condition
4. Disengaging from your patterns and identities

Our motto is:
Master Your Unit

To Master Your Unit means to become a fully functioning Hu-Man Being, which means a being of divine or infinite mind; master of both the physical, ordinary world and the world of Spirit. To Master Your Unit is to demystify both realms of existence. Training takes you to the place where you have the tools to complete your life’s purpose, which is the place where you no longer are in conflict. You experience yourself as an energetic being rather than something solid and fixed. You have established a profound relationship with energy and you are moving with the flow of energy. This training can be completed through weekly meetings or by correspondence.

If you will apply what is given in this course day after day, week after week, year after year, and root out of your life everything that goes against harmony and clarity, you will discover that your life will start to work right. You will discover that you will start to work right, because you will have begun to live in accordance with the laws of this physical universe rather than against them, and you will have the life energy of this universe backing you in every endeavor you undertake. Whether you want to excel in your profession, improve your relationships or attain enlightenment, the YAR Training will show you how to build the energy, concentration, integrity, sensitivity and awareness necessary to achieve what you want in life in a way that is harmonious with all life. A person who can function with accuracy and consistency in the mundane aspects of ordinary life and who can witness his/her own mind will have the power and clarity of mind to create something extraordinary.

The principles and practices of the YAR Training are simple, obvious and beautiful in their results. Rarely will you meet a person who lives them. When you do, you will notice the difference. When you start to live them, you will experience the difference. By paying attention to the small, physical details of life and the state of your own mind, you can learn to focus your energy with mastery and make your life into a work of art.

Are you ready to begin?


for information contact Miles –

Facebook invite here


August 14th, 2013

Unraveling The Conditioned Self pt. II / October 5, 2013 – Sun & Moon Yoga Studio, Meguro


Unraveling The Conditioned Self: Being Karma-Free Pt II

A Workshop with Miles Maeda at Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, Meguro
Saturday October 5th, 5:00-7:30 pm
3,500 yen

From the view of yoga, we live in a unified field of creation but experience it through filters of duality. We see ‘this and that’, ‘good and bad’, ‘you and me’. This causes us to attach to desirable circumstances and avoid the undesirable. This is the basic cause of our suffering. It’s what keeps us wanting what we don’t have and fearing that we’ll loose what we have acquired.

Karma means action. In yogic philosophy, it is believed that negative actions cause negative experiences, positive actions cause positive experiences. So the first step in reducing our suffering is to discontinue our negative actions, speech and thinking. By understanding negative emotions, we can apply the antidote and create positive actions with positive results. When this becomes stable through practice, then one can free themselves from karma completely by letting one’s emotions self-liberate.

In part II of the Karma-Free lecture series we will further explore what is karma and the teachings/tools which help us become free of its entrapments. We will learn prostrations which help prepare our body/speech/mind to practice, a meditation for processing our past karmic tensions, plus simple guidelines (including the Six Realms of Cyclic Existence) to cultivate more positive experiences which will lead toward the possibility of karma-free actions.

Every action, every experience has a result. When we see clearly this big picture, we can use this understanding to change our lives and manifest our dreams.

Japanese translation provided by Sawa Takano.

To Register, please visit our website: and go to Workshops page, then send contact form with name of workshop, date, and your full name and phone number to register.


条件付けられた自己を解放する:カルマ・フリーに生きる方法 パート2

サンアンドムーン ヨガ 目黒
10月5日(土)17:00−19:30 3,500円






お申し込みは、スタジオのウェブサイト からワークショップのページへ進み、ワークショップのタイトル、開催日、フルネームとお電話番号を明記の上メールにてご連絡下さい。



August 13th, 2013

True Nature Hakone / September 27-29, 2013 – Prince Hotel Hakone


9/27 (FRI) 10:30-12:00 Taoist Yoga
9/28 (SAT) 10:30-12:00 Tibetan Yoga
9/29 (SUN) 10:30-12:00 Yoga Soundscape w/ DJ Miles Maeda



August 11th, 2013

Integration Yoga Workshop / September 14, 2013 – UTL Yoga School, Yoyogi

Body Chakras Nadis

Integration Yoga Workshop - the science of the nadis, bandhas and chakras

Saturday, September 14
@ Under The Light Yoga School, Yoyogi

Yoga for many begins with the practice of asana, synchronizing the movements of the body with the flow of the breath. The definition of Yoga, according to Patanjali, is the cessation of the waves of the mind. So in order to bridge the one with the other, it is vital to integrate the dynamics of our subtle anatomy: the nadis (channels), bandhas (locks) and chakras (energy centers).

Hatha Yoga is the merging of opposites, the union of the male and female energies within us. This unification happens in the subtle anatomy, which is supported by our physical structure and activity. If one practices any of the Hatha Yogas (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, Bikram, etc.), the opportunity to deepen one’s practice is to cultivate the subtle energies within. We open and clear the channels, utilize the bandhas to guide and direct energy to flow freely up and through the various chakras, ultimately resulting in the stilling of the waves of the mind.

In this workshop, we will explore exercises to gain awareness of our subtle anatomy. We will do pranayama to strengthen the bandhas as well as learn a powerful mantra to clear and energize the chakras. Finally, we will do a yoga set designed to integrate subtle awareness with a physical asana practice. The practice of yoga opens many doors. And if it’s time to go deeper, the tools to help you do the work are right there inside of us.









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August 10th, 2013

Tibetan Yoga / September 7 & 21, 2013 – Rudra Yoga Tokyo, Sendagaya

Tibetan Eyes

Tibetan Yoga チベタン・ヨガ

Join us for class Saturday September 7 & 21, 2013 at our Sendagaya practice space.

email to reserve your spot.

This system perfectly coordinates breath and dynamic movement to direct energy into the central channel, stabilizing meditation as one’s natural state. It systematically transforms karma (dualistic experience) into primordial wisdom (pure awareness) through clearing the channels and chakras, developing breath retention, and generating the inner heat necessary to ignite one’s inner sun.



August 9th, 2013

Dusk FlowYoga & Music / August 30 & 31, 2013 – Prince Park Tower Tokyo




June 10th, 2013

Summer Retreat with Miles Maeda / July 13-15, 2013 – Mitake, Tokyo


Summer Retreat w/ Miles Maeda
Karma to Dharma – from Mundane to Magical

Saturday July 13 – Monday July 15, 2013
at Mount Mitake, Shukubo Nobori (Oume, Tokyo)
2013年7月13日(土)〜2013年7月15日(月祝) 御岳山 宿坊 能保利(東京 青梅)

We all have obstacles that stand in the way of our experience of true joy and happiness. There are negative thoughts in the mind, burdensome emotions in the heart, stress and tensions in the body. These are seeds (karma) that when unattended grow into our problems, burdens and obstacles in life. When we cut our karmic root and walk the spiritual path (dharma) we can experience our naturally unconditioned self; a state that is effortlessly balanced, loving, compassionate and joyful.

If we pay close attention to the seeds we sow, we can cultivate clear awareness and the ability to make wise choices. We must watch our actions, our speech and especially our thoughts. We can let go of our comforts, conveniences and concepts that no longer support our evolution and start raising our consciousness and ability so we can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into the magical.

In this years program we will learn what it means cut our karmic root. We will introduce practices that can help us to gain insight on our conditioned habits and patterns. We will focus on clearing our obstacles through physical yoga practice that release deep tensions in the body, pranayama to calm the mind and increase our life force, mantra to attune to our perfected state, and meditation to ignite the inner fire and generate energy for our liberation.

Course curriculum includes:
- Yoga teachings on clearing obstacles & cutting our karmic root
- Hatha & Tibetan Yoga to energize the body, chakras and channels
- Pranayama to expand capacity for life-force
- Meditation to digest unprocessed tensions
- Mantra to realize ones perfected state
- Healing Circle & Sufi Dancing

Join us for this rich and unique yoga program.  It is intended for all levels of students, beginning and experienced alike.  Bring yourself, bring a friend.  Let us clear our obstacles, make intentional and responsible choices, and live our lives to its most beautiful expression.


Inquiries & Registration:



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June 1st, 2013

Tao Yoga & YAR Workshop / June 21-22, 2013 – Minnano Yoga, Nagoya



06.21 (Fri)
Awareness Through Movement (yoga movement & pranayama)
Yoga movement can help us become aware of the intelligent and animating energy that flows within and around us all.  We use Taoist techniques and exercises to wake up our senses, stimulate ki/prana to flow throughout the body, and find natural balance in our inner and outer environments.  It is an important first step in cultivating awareness of the state of yoga and how to begin relating it to our everyday activities.
気づきのムーヴメント (ヨガ・ムーヴメントとプラナヤマ)

06.22 (Sat)
Taoist Yoga (yoga movement & meditation)
This is a flowing and dynamic yoga system designed to awaken our vital energy,open and purify the heart, plus brighten and strengthen our body’s protective electro-magnetic field. It helps clear stagnant energy, heals the organs and balances the emotions. It opens our whole being to the beauty of life and helps us experience our naturally clear and aware state.

06.22 (Sat)【14:15-16:45】
You Are Responsible (lecture)
In this workshop we will begin the journey of understanding what it means to be responsible. We will cover guidelines for improving communication, how we relate to our word/agreements, and being sensitive to time, energy, objects and space. We’ll practice simple exercises which bring awareness to our thoughts, words and actions, bridging spiritual truths with our worldly activity. The end result will be greater self-awareness and valuable choices of how to live creatively, intentionally and manifest our dreams. The energy of our yoga practice can then support our everyday lives!
責任を負うのはあなた (座学)


Minnano Yoga Studio, Nagoya

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